“Modern Vacuum Practice" the introductory book that every vacuum novice should need.

2 books 3rd ed

Revised & Updated - 3rd Edition (2007)

100 more pages of information
457 pages, around 270 line drawings, 50 tables, 30 black & white photos, 90 questions & answers and a 9 page bibliography. ISBN-13:978-0-9551501-1-1
  by Nigel S. Harris M.Sc, C.Phys
Formerly 'Corporate Technical Training Manager', BOC Edwards.
The 3rd edition changes include...

• 100 more pages (nearly 30% increase on 2nd edition and 45% increase on 1st edition

• Corresponding increase in the number of illustrations

• New chapter dealing with vacuum applications

• New chapter dealing with vacuum for chemical processes (water ring, steam ejectors, chemical dry pumps)

• New section having 90 questions and answers (requested by educational users)

• Introduction chapter has been doubled in length

• Some historical overviews added

• Other additions: Point-of-use dry pumping, speed testing of vacuum pumps, venting turbos, nomograms for pump/speed calculations,
outgassing rate graphs, contra flow and hybrid flow leak detection explained etc.

About the author

Nigel Harris has been involved with high vacuum technology for over 30 years and has published more than 20 technical review papers and booklets.

• He has an MSc in “Vacuum Science & the Physics of Solid Surfaces and Thin Films” from Sir John Cass College, London.

• He joined Edwards High Vacuum as a Development Engineer/Physicist working on the development of vacuum pumps later becoming Manager of their UK Vacuum Training facility and eventually “Corporate Technical Training Manager, BOC Edwards”.

• He spent most of his career devoted to raising the technical competency of customers and employees, latterly pioneering the introduction of e-Learning into BOC Edwards.
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"Thank you for writing such a splendidly practical book with enough theory to be useful, rather than overwhelming. It's like no other I've come across"

Private communication from customer.


"Quite the best survey of basic vacuum technology for beginners"

 Dr Stephen O. Nelson, Assistant Professor of Physics, UTPB, USA


"Modern Vacuum Practice is the gold standard against which other books in this area will be measured" 
Jim Ryans, Eastman Chemical, USA


"Highly recommended"
Institute of Physics "Physics World" vacuum supplement