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**Nigel S. Harris MSc, MInstP was formerly Corporate Technical Training Manager at BOC Edwards.

Nigel is author of more than 20 vacuum technology review papers, several booklets and the textbook "Modern Vacuum Practice" which has sold over 15,000 copies and is in its 3rd edition.

Listed here is a bibliography of his published vacuum articles. For details about his published work dealing with watermills and corn milling go to

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1978 Rotary Pump Back-migration. Vacuum. 28, 261-268

1978 BOOKLET: Vacuum Engineering. TAS Section of AUEW

1979 Manual of Experiments in Vacuum Science and Technology. Edwards High Vacuum [83 pages]

1980 Modern Diffusion Pump vs Turbomolecular Pump Systems. Vacuum. 30, 175-181

1980 Review of Visual Aids for Instruction in Vacuum Technology and Applications [Visual aids produced by the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications]. European Journal of Physics.

1981 Practical Aspects of Constructing, Operating and Maintaining Rotary Vane and Diffusion-pumped Systems. Vacuum. 31, 173-182

1981 BOOKLET: Vacuum Technology. Edwards High Vacuum (special edition reprint of the 1979 AUEW booklet)

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1993 High-vacuum Troubleshooting and Leak Detection. Appendix A:5. Procedures in Electron Microscopy. John Wiley & Sons, 1-10

2001 TEXTBOOK: Modern Vacuum Practice 2nd edition preface. Published by Nigel S. Harris. 357 pages.

2005 No Life on Mars. "Interactions" magazine —The Institute of Physics, May, 6

2005 TEXTBOOK: Modern Vacuum Practice. 3rd edition preface. Published by Nigel S. Harris. ISBN 9780955150111. 457 pages.

For other books and articles by the same author on Watermills and Corn Milling

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All material remains © Copyright Nigel S. Harris

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