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NIGEL S. HARRIS - PUBLISHED WORK:: Articles, papers, reviews, letters and publicity material

Apart from "Modern Vacuum Practice" which has sold over 15,000 copies and is in its 3rd edition, Nigel had published more than 20 technical review papers, articles and a booklet dealing with various aspects of vacuum technology.

Now retired, Nigel is an Independent Author and Publisher, specialising in the History, Development & Technology of Flour Milling and he has published several books dealing with various aspects of flour milling and has written numerous articles on the subject.

All of his published work listed below is downloadable.

However, please note that this material remains -

Copyright © Nigel S. Harris 2017. All rights reserved.

2014 Memorials to Millers and Millwrights. Mill News #139 (April), 34-35
2014 Medieval Lead Tokens with Possible Mill Connections, Mill News #139 (April), 38-39
2014 Beaulieu Tide Mill Restoration, Mill News #140 (July), Front page & 2-3
2014 A Cone Clutch in a South African Mill. Mill News #140 (July), 13
2014 Two Watercolours of Flour Mill Workers c1900. Mill News #140 (July), 20
2014 BOOK: Watermills and Stoneground Flour Milling. Published by Nigel S. Harris ISBN 9780955150128. 211 pages
2014 A Survey of Watermill Gear Ratios. Mill News #141 (October), 8-9
2014 Mill Models at Bishop’s Lydeard Watermill, Somerset. Mill News #141 (October), 20
2015 Warnham Mill Pond Sluice Failure. Mill News #142 (January), 22
2015 Gomshall Watermill—Mill Race Refurbishment. Mill News #142 (January), 27
2015 Air Flow through a Eureka Grain Cleaner. Mill News #143 (April), 16-18
2015 17th Centuy Repairs to Gomshall Watermill, Surrey. Mill News #143 (April), 20-21
2015 Redesign of Gomshall Watermill—1839. Mill News #144 (July), 7-9
2015 Booklet: Traditional Corn Milling Watermills. Published by Nigel S. Harris ISBN 9780955150135. 40 pages
2015 A Visit to Wessex Mill, Wantage Oxfordshire. Mill News #145 (Oct), 6-7
2016 A Tour of House Mill, Bromley-by-Bow. Mill News #146 (January), 15-17
2016 A Watermill at Thaxted Church. Mill News #146 (January), 27
2016 Visit to Marriage’s Mill, Chelmsford, Essex. Mill News #147 (April), 14-15
2016 Reconstruction of a Pompeian-style Mill. Mill News #147 (April), 32
2016 A Visit to Botley Mills, Hampshire. Mill News #148 (July), 14-15
2016 A Visit to Headley Mill, Hampshire. Mill News #149 (Oct), 30-31
2017 G. R. Wright & Sons Ltd, London. Part 1. The Millstone Mill. Mill News #150 (Jan), 30-32
2017 G. R. Wright & Sons Ltd, London. Part 2. Wright’s roller milling heritage Mill. Mill News #151 (Apr), 32-33
2017 Help Out Mill, Shackerstone, Leicestershire. Mill News #152, 10-11
2017 The Rebirth of the Henry Simon Brand. Mill News #153, 25-29
2018 What is a Chondrometer? Mill News #154 (January), 23-24
Book Review, World Grain. January 2018, p76, 78
2018 The Watermill Paintings of Richard Ward. Mill News #155 (April), 15-17
2018 17th-century St. Saviour Mill Token. Mill News #156, (July), 25
2018 An Early Joseph Thornton Roller Mill. Mill News #157, (Oct), 11
2018 Book Review: The Corn Mill Drawings of John Brandrick. Mill News #157, (Oct), 22
2018 Pompeian-style Mill in the Museum of London
2019 Some Scottish Horizontal-wheeled Watermills
2019 Pompeian-style Mill in the Museum of London
2019 William Gardner, Millstone Manufacturer
2019 Three Horizontal-Wheeled Scottish Mills
2019 Historical Survey of an English Watermill at Gomshall, Surrey
2019 Two Orkney Vertical-wheeled Watermills
2019 BOOK REVIEW: Corn Watermills of the National Trust in England
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